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Cleaning Sterling Silver.

Posted on September 1, 2009 at 5:57 PM

   Cleaning Sterling Silver.


Note: Never wear Jewerly in swimming pools. It may turnish and change the color of the silver.

The most usual tecnique to clean plain sterling silver, is by putting them on a plain container with warm water, have some regular baking soda, dilute the baking soda and put the piece that you'll like to clean; with a toothbrush, brush gentle on the parts that you want to have clean. After that, you can have it dry and clean with a nice cloth. You can used pullishing liquids to make it more sparkle. But usualy just a single and regular cleaning cloth would do the trick.

Cleaning Of Gemstones.

   Gemstones. Sometimes are exposed to conditions and chemicals that can affect their life spans, they may break, lose their shine or even change color.

   Keep in mind that simple its better. You can clean then with a cotton cloth. Some gemstones have intructions on how you can have them clean.  Remember "Simple its better"  

   Note: Remove jewerly before doing any gardening or housework. Sometimes the accid of the sking can turnish the silver or the gemstones.  Clean gems regularly using warm water and bar soap, or dilute vinegar solution. Dishwashing liquid is too harsh to use on organic gems. It should also be avoided with emeralds and rubies, since it will strip them of any oil that may have been applied. Never wear organic gems (Pearls, Coral, Amber and Ivory)  in swimming pools.

   Note: When it comes to cleaning Gemstones. Some required colder or warm water, to be safe used water that is on the midle not so hot, not so cold.



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